BI (Business Intelligence) software that everyone can learn
BI (Business Intelligence) software that everyone can learn

Pratical Scene 1 Applicable for free versions

Xiao Ming has accumulated a large amount of Excel data files in his daily work and hopes to conduct statistical analysis on these data. However, he suffers from limited Excel data analysis capabilities and also needs to learn complex function formulas.

  1. BriskBi is a formula calculation based on "rows and columns", which is different from Excel's formula calculation based on "cells". It is very convenient to filter rows and columns, group and aggregate table data, add columns through formulas, and connect, associate, merge, and other operations between tables.

  2. BriskBi provides a visual formula editor that is simple and easy to use, and everyone can learn it.

  3. The tables in BriskBi can be visualized as various charts (bar charts, pie charts, etc.), and multi-dimensional analysis can also be performed.

  4. When the data in Excel changes, the analysis results in BriskBi will automatically follow the changes. One analysis operation can be used directly in the future.

Pratical Scene 2 Applicable for free versions

Xiao Gang is an IT personnel in a company who can access the database of the company's information system. The leader hopes to create some large screen display boards for internal use and external display.

  1. BriskBi can connect to various commonly used databases, such as Oracle, sqlserver, DB2, MySQL, and so on.

Pratical Scene 1

  2. BriskBi can analyze, process, and transform the captured data, without the need to write SQL statements, and can achieve all the functions that SQL statements can achieve.

Pratical Scene 3 Applicable for free or enterprise versions

Manager Wang is a staff member of the company headquarters, and requires each branch or department to report data through Excel and then consolidate and summarize it, which is quite cumbersome.

  1. BriskBi can upload Excel files (or place them in a shared directory for BriskBi to actively retrieve).

  2. Use the functions in BriskBi to generate data reports from Excel data.

  3. After the Excel file is updated, the system will automatically update the recalculation report.

Pratical Scene 4 Applicable for Enterprise Edition

With the informatization of enterprises, data is becoming increasingly important.
Are you sure that the company's employees have received the data they should have received?
Still hiring professional programmers to develop reports?
Programmers continue to develop, but still cannot meet the needs of business personnel. Why not let business personnel conduct data analysis as they please?

  1. The IT personnel of the enterprise connect to the enterprise business database, extract key data tables, and share them with the business personnel according to their permissions.

  2. Business personnel conduct analysis through BriskBi's data analysis function, which can be solidified into reports or dashboards and shared with leaders.

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