BI (Business Intelligence) software that everyone can learn
BI (Business Intelligence) software that everyone can learn

Basic Transform Operations

Difficulty: Duration: 01:20
Column and Row Filter
Difficulty: Duration: 00:39
Column and Row Sort
Difficulty: Duration: 01:32
Group & Aggregation
Difficulty: Duration: 03:41
Difficulty: ★★ Duration: 00:49
Table Join
Difficulty: ★★ Duration: 02:14
Table Merge
Difficulty: ★★★ Duration: 01:43
Table Product
Difficulty: ★★★ Duration: 01:38
Table Rotate

Basic Table Operations-

1. Data View

1) You can right-click the menu on the column name or use the function button at the top right.

2) Move the mouse over the "T" shaped icon to adjust the column width.

3) Dragging and dropping column headings can set the order of the columns.

4) The 'Save As' button can generate the modified data into another table.

2. Filter - Row Filter

1) You can set conditions to filter table rows.

2. Filter - Column Filter

1) You can set conditions to filter table columns.

Basic Table Operations-Transform and Sort


1) Can convert column formats and data types.


1) Columns can be sorted.

Basic Table Operations-Group and Aggregation

1. Grouping

1) Tables can be grouped and aggregated.

Add Column

1.Add Column

Set the name and data type of the newly added column.

2. Edit column formulas

Add up the scores of the three subjects to generate a total score column.

3. Display effect

Display the newly added total score column.

Table Join

Set join conditions

Select a column from another table to join with a column from this table, joining the two tables together.

Table Relate

Relate two tables according to certain conditions to generate a new table

Table Merge

Can merge data from multiple tables into one table

Table Rotate

Can achieve column to row or row to column conversion of a table

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