BI (Business Intelligence) software that everyone can learn
BI (Business Intelligence) software that everyone can learn

Basic Concept      

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External database

Refers to business databases such as ERP, CRM, OA, etc. The current software supports common databases such as Oracle, Db2, Microsoft SQL Server, Mysql, Postgresql, etc. Users can also add drivers for other databases by themselves.

External folder

You can regularly retrieve Excel and CSV files from folders, perform data transformation analysis, and generate various charts.

External file

Refers to Excel and CSV files. Users can import data from these files into BriskBI for data analysis.


Data processing can be understood as table conversion. After a table is filtered, sorted, grouped, producted, merged, etc., it is converted to another table, and complex data processing logic is built through continuous table conversion.


By defining simple query conditions for the processed table data, defining how to display the data in the form of histograms, line graphs, etc., setting data penetration conditions, etc., data users can use the data more conveniently.


Manual data processing is performed through the operation table. These operations can also be set as background tasks and executed at a specified time or frequency. The data in the external database can be incrementally crawled every night, and complex calculation tasks can be calculated in advance, and the report query can be very fast.

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